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Romisen Flashlights


Romisen RC-T5 4 x CREE LED
Combat Light
600+ lumens!

4 x CREE LED Combat Light
4 x CR123A 600+ lumens

The Romisen RC-T5 is a very bright well made light that uses 4 Cree XRE-7090 P4 LED’s to output a ton of light. The RC-T5’s price is extremely reasonable given it’s performance level. Because of it’s very high levels of output the RC-T5 is very well suited to security bedside/home defense and marine applications.


Light output up to 650 lumens at the emitters (Est’d 400+LM out the front)

Internal circuit applies constant regulated current and accepts a wide input voltage allowing it to utilize a wide selection of batteries.

Water Resistant design

Aluminium alloy casing

Textured reflector for a smoother beam profile

Holster included


4x CR123A: 3 hours (High)

6 hours(50%)/ 10 hours (Flash)

Model of LED: 4 x Q4 CREE LED

Dimensions: 51x31x213 mm

\Net Weight : 340 g/12oz