Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery Cross Reffernce chart

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Battery WorldPowersonicCSBPanasonicYuasaEast PennHazeBB Battery
SLA4-0.5UB40 5
SLA4-1UB41 0
SLA4-10PS-4100GP49 0NP1 0-4PE4V 9HZS4- 10UB41 00BP10- 4
SLA6-1.2PS-612GP61 3LC- R01R3PNP1. 2-6PE6V 1.2ES1. 2-6HZS6- 1.3UB61 3BD1.2- 6BP1.2 -6
SLA6-3.2PS-632PE6V 3.2HZS6- 3.2UB63 2BP3-6
SLA6-4.5PS-640GP64 5LC- RB064PNP4 -6, NP4. 5-6, NP5 -6PE6- 4ES4 -6HZS6-4UB64 5BP4-6, BP4.5 -6
SLA6-4.5PS-640 WLGP64 0WLNP4 -6WHZS6- 4.5WP64 5WL
SLA6-4.5PS-650 LHZS6- 5UB65 0S
SLA6-7.2PS-670GP67 2LC- R067R2 PNP7 -6PE6V 6.5ES7 -6HZS6- 7.2UB67 0BD7-6BP8-6 H
SLA6-8.5PS-682PE6V 8HZS6- 8.5UB68 5BP8-6 V
SLA6-12PS-612GP61LC-NP1 0-6PE6V 12ES1 2-6HZS6- 12UB61BD12-BP10-6, BP12-6
SLA6-12. 5THZSO 6-14T OY
SLA6-20PS-6200PE6V 20HZS6- 20UB62 00
SLA6-42PS-6360UB64 20
SLA8-3PS-832UB83 0
SLA12-0. 8PS-1208NP0. 8-12PE12 V0.8HZS12 -0.8UB12 08
SLA12-1. 3PS-1212GP12 13LC- R121R3 PUNP1. 2-12PE12 V1.2ES1. 2-12HZS12 -1.3UB12 13BD1.2- 12BP1.2 -12
SLA12-2S LMNP2 -12UB12 20T
SLA12-2. 2PS-1220GP12 22LC- R122R2 PNP2. 3-12PE12 V1.9ES1. 9-12HZS12 -2.2UB12 22BD2-1 2BP2.3 -12
SLA12-2. 9PS-1227PE12 V2.7HZS12 -2.9UB12 29TBP3-1 2
SLA12-3. 4PS-1230LC- R123R4 PNP3 -6ES3 -12HZS12 -3.3UB12 34BP3.6 -12
SLA12-4. 5PS-1242GP12 45LC- RB124PNP4 -12PX12 050ES4 -12HZS12 -5UB12 50BD4-1 2BP4.5 -12
SLA12-5PS-1250GP12 50LC- R125PNPH 5-12PE12 V5ES5 -12UB12 50BP5-1 2
SLA12-7PS-1270GP12 72LC- R127R2 PNP7 -12PE12 V7, PX12 072ES7 -12HZS12 -7.5UB12 70, UB12 80BD7.2- 12BP7-1 2, BP7.5 -12, BP8-1 2
SLA12-9NP7 -12TPE12 V9, PX12 090HZS12 -9UB12 90HR9- 12
SLA12-10TPH1 2100HZS12 -10UB12 100BD10- 12BP10- 12
SLA12-12PS-12120GP12 120LC- RA1212 PNP1 2-12PE12 V12ES1 2-12HZS12 -12UB12 120BD12- 12BP12- 12
SLA12-18PS-12180GP12 170LC- RD1217 PNP1 8-12PE12 V15, PE12 V17ES1 7-12HZB12 -18, HZS12 -15FUB12 180BD18- 12BP17- 12
SLA12-24PS-12280GPL1 2280LC- XC1228 PPE12 V24UB26 -12TBD24- 12
SLA12-26PS-12260GP12 260NP24-12PE12 V24 A, PE12 -23ES2 6-12HZS12 -26FUB12 260BP26- 12
SLA12-35PS-12330GP12 340LC- LA1233 PNP33-12U-1/ SLAHZB12 -33, HZS12 -35FUB12 350BP33- 12F
SLA12-45PS12400GP12 400LC- X1242PNP38-12PE12 V40 A, PE12 -40ES4 0-12HZB12 -44UB12 400BP40- 12
SLA12-55PS-12550NP55-12HZB12 -55UB12 550
SLA12-75PS-12750NP7 5-1224 PER MHZB12 -80UB12 750MPL8 0-12
SLA12-100NP90-12HZB12 -100UB12 900BP90-12, MPL9 0-12
SLA12-110NP100-12HZB12 -110