Sharp Solar


We offer you the lowest prices on SHARP Solar panels! We provide a wide range of panels from 80 WATT to 123 WATT.

We know the cost of solar products is steadily rising so that’s why here at Battery World we not only offer you the best prices but strive everyday to cut down our cost while supplying our customers with a quality product. We offer all of the outputs that you could imagine so you have the wattage that you need and don’t need to go from store to store looking for what suits you.

You might need these: SOLAR PANEL MC-4 CONNECTOR & CABLES

solar connector &wire

Mono/Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels are fabricated from hundreds of silicon solar cells by conecting them together then enclosing them in a glass covered metal frame. Mono-crystalline solar panels use solar cells made from a very pure single large crystal, cut from ingots. They are usually blue-grey in color and have a fairly uniform consistency. Poly-crystalline solar panels use silicon cast from large blocks of silicon which may contain many small crystals